Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.

“I see my designs as artwork, where there isn’t anything too outrageous.”

Rated an accessories genius and A-list by fashion magazines, Colombian-born, Toronto-based Dandi Maestre is a visionary. Her large-scale works are crafted from organic materials such as antlers, bull horn, rough amber and emeralds, reclaimed wood and natural seeds, elements found on shores, in rivers, jungles and forests. Each design is hand-made in a limited edition.


"My pieces are closer to sculptures. They are about texture and imperfection. I believe in a return to craft and my one of a kind oversized accessories and objects are handmade in Toronto, Canada only from natural and recycled materials."


"My jewelry, objects and accessories reflect my passion for organic elements and is very influenced by my long career as a graphic designer and photographer  -- I studied at School of Visual Arts, New York, graduated with honors (The School of Visual Arts Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts). I started making natural objects at the end of 2006 as I needed more creative freedom and my first collection was carried by Holt Renfrew. I want to connect with nature as I continue to explore organic shapes found in nature. I incorporate these shapes in my designs and make very large extreme pieces with a natural look and a flowing and curving appearance, with a minimum of industrial processes. I aim to elevate their natural color and textures to a new level of sophistication. My designs are clearly influenced by my travels, and profoundly by my respect of indigenous and tribal cultures around the world.